Pizza Nights Menu!

Manakau Market Pizza       

Made with our home made artisan dough and signature sesame sprinkled crust, topped with our pizza sauces, mozzarella, parmesan and seasoning. 

New York Cheese                            $21.50 

Keep it simple, just our pizza sauce cheeses and seasoning. 

Pepperoni                                         $24.50

Our own house made dough, sesame sprinkled crust, topped with our pizza sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni and seasoning. 

Meat Eater                                       $27.50

Minced beef, pork sausage, diced chicken, diced bacon and ham. 

Hawaiian                                          $23.50

Diced champagne ham, fresh pineapple and red onion. 

Market Vege                                      $24.50

Capsicum, red onion, mushroom, cherry tomato and garlic. 

BBQ Chicken and Bacon                $26.00 

BBQ sauce diced chicken, diced bacon and red onion. 

Spicy Buffalo Chicken                    $26.00

Buffalo sauce, diced chicken and red onion, chili flakes. 

Supreme                                           $27.00

Pork sausage, Italian pepperoni, capsicum, mushroom and red onion. 

Calabrese & Rocket                         $26.00 

Calabrese, red onion and fresh rocket (subject to availability). 

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Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday evenings from 4.30pm

Sunday lunch 11am-3pm