What's In The Market Box?

Week beginning 20th July

Please note, the items may change depending on availability thoughout the week. We'll always substitute with another fresh item of the same or greater value.

Vege Box

potatoes, kumara, onions, carrots, broccoli, 1/2 cauli, leek,silverbeet.

Fruit Box

Oranges, apples, kiwifruit, bananas, pear.

Mixed Box

Potato, carrot, onion, broccoli, 1/2 cauli, apple, kiwi, orange.

Salad Box

Iceberg lettuce, carrots, red onion, 1/2 cabbage,1/2 red cabbage, capsicum, spinach. 

Family Box

Potatoes, kumara, carrots,onion, broccoli, 1/2 cauli, leek, silverbeet, kiwi, apple, banana,orange, pear.

Jumbo Box

Cauli, onions, potatoes, carrots, kumara, broccoli, silverbeet, pumpkin, leek, apples, mandarin, bananas, kiwi, pears, oranges.

The pricing for the above boxes includes delivery from Raumati South to Levin (town limits only).